Barre is for Fighters (Batman Edition)

stretch brick wall.jpg

Did you ever notice how barre practitioners have a lot in common with Batman? No, we’re totally serious.

Both use gadgets and accessories to enhance their game. Batman has the bat-o-rang or whatever the hell he calls it, our students have ankle weights, Therabands, sticky socks and balls to help sculpt and strengthen their bodies in such a way it would put Bruce Wayne to shame.

Barre and Batman were also born out of pretty bleak circumstances. Bruce Wayne went through a great tragedy, found comfort in something unconventional (bats) and emerged from the darkness and so did barre founder Lotte Berk. Berk, a German dancer, suffered horrific injuries in a car accident, but just like Batman, she refused to let these injuries keep her down. She emerged from the shadows stronger and incredibly determined, as she crafted an unconventional (and revolutionary) way to workout and get stronger.

Not only did Berk get stronger, she also started a movement, proving she, just like Batman, is a fighter (and so is everyone who practices at Center Stage Barre).

Whatever you’re going through in life, an injury, a battle with a bunch of jokers who double as your arch nemeses or if you’re just in need of a physically challenging and mentally enjoyable exercise class, you can find it at the barre. Let Center Stage and its abundance of tricks and treats serves as the beacon, or Bat Signal if you will, to draw into the Barre Cave (Center Stage) where Alfred (our Instructors) will help you achieve things you never thought possible. Improve strength, endurance and even flexibility. When was the last time you touched your toes?

It’s not crime fighting per se, but it is a crime to sit back idly when you’re truly an unstoppable, sticky-sock clad barre crusader who needs her own theme music.