Barre Motivation


The music is bumping, your sticky socks are gripping, your muscles are rocking and then the devilish instructor calls out for “One. More. Set.” And all you can think is, “I got this.”

You refuse to back down from any challenge, you live for those extra reps and you do it all with such strength and grace every damn class because you know the results you'll see in the end are worth it. 

You have so many reasons to take a bow. Not only are you achieving your fitness goals and seeing the results, but you’re inspiring your classmates and friends to go further than they ever thought possible. 

That’s because barre has a team mentality
We’re all sweating and working together, and your energy and enthusiasm and ability to lunge deeper or keep the band on that much longer keeps your classmates motivated.

At Center Stage Barre our instructors also do their part to keep our students motivated. Pushing you to squat lower, crunch tighter and breathe better.

In every class we work every muscle in the body front to back, head to toe; rocking different variations and bringing props into the mix so you can barre at your most optimal level and maximize your results.

We have classes day and night, 7 days a week, so you have plenty opportunities to be motivated. 

Here are 5 reasons why barre keeps you motivated
1.     Something new every day — It’s amazing what you can do with some blocks and bands at the barre. We have thousands of variations to work every fiber of your being, so you never know what to expect when you show up, and that keeps your body exhilarated, fatigued, and CHANGING.

2.     Engaging Instructors — Every great athlete needs a great coach. And our barre instructors know just what to say and do to keep you moving forward, as they push all the right buttons every step of the way. It’s amazing how Center Stage instructors can get under your skin in all the right ways to keep you on track to reach your goals.

3.     An energetic environment — Center Stage strives to keep a warm, friendly and encouraging atmosphere where you can feel empowered and fuel your fellow classmates to find their inner fire. It’s loud. It’s fast. It’s fun. And taking three to five classes a week will give your body the look (and feel) you deserve.

4.     Your barre besties bring the heat 👯 —When you barre with your bestie good things happen. You can both motivate one another and learn and grow in your practice together. Get stronger as you laugh off your missteps (hey, it happens at the barre) and make your nights out at the barre the very best part of your week.

5.     Results are addicting — Holy sh*t, you have the tightest seat ever and people are mistaking you as J. Lo.  This barre thing is really starting to pay off. But aside from looking your best, you’re bringing the benefits of your practice to every aspect of your life. Longer. Leaner. Stronger. So damn motivating!