Yoga & Barre: The Perfect Pair


Fact: 9 out of 10 yogis and yoginis dig the barre scene, especially at Center Stage.  

Why? Because barre strengthens and lengthens those hard to reach muscles, and really rocks your glutes and hamstrings. 

When you strengthen those muscles, it takes your yoga game to another level.

Make your way into the splits (or your variation of the splits) with ease when it’s time to go from cushy carpet of the barre studio to your yoga mat. 

Barre also helps with core strength which translates into balance, so you’re not shaking and quaking in tree pose — that barre strength keeps you as steady as an oak. 

The up-tempo nature of barre also acclimates your body to any heat. So, whether you’re flowing in Bikram or chilling out in a restorative class, you’re not sweatin’ a damn thing (cool as a cucumber). Enough barre classes and your yoga class will be a breeze ✌️.

Barre and yoga are pretty much the sickest 1-2 combo since Yeezus and Jay told ya’ll to “Watch the Throne” (as you tone and tighten your seat!). 

Here are 5 more reasons yogis and yoginis can’t get enough Center Stage:

1.     Go lower than ever before in your warrior poses with a little help from the barre. Barre allows you to expand further, so getting lower than you thought possible is not a problem. 

2.     The music explosion and energy at Center Stage serves as a jolt to the body, which can be evened out with a nice yin class. Barre is the yang to the yoga yin.

3.     Both yoga and barre classes take tremendous mind-body control, so you can tone, tighten and strengthen without ever over thinking it. 

4.     The up tempo nature of barre gets the blood and breath going, which translates well to the yoga world. So, no matter how hard the Vinyasa flow becomes, you’re never panting because you can use your barre breath to keep you steady. 

5.     Barre leggings and yoga pants are pretty much interchangeable, so no need to splurge on more swag :) 

Namaste. (bows in gratitude) Center Stage, coming soon to Bloomfield!