Classes That Fit You

At Center Stage Barre, we are not a one size fits all studio. We offer multiple formats, levels and targets to help you crush your fitness goals.

All of our instructors bring their unique flair to class. But there are a few things you can come to expect. They will work you to exhaustion and each class takes a customized approach to fit your needs.

Injured? We’ll make some modifications for you.
Pregnant? Say no more, fam. We got ya.
Unmotivated? Oh, you best believe we’ll be getting you to go harder than ever before.

We also have a dozen different props to incorporate in our classes. Blocks. Bands. Ankle weights. Hand weights. And of course, The Barre.

Each prop has its purpose and helps you achieve results. Standing on the block and lunging with weights in your hand can be a challenge. But so worth it once you see the results. Chiseled arms and legs, and the tightest core in town. Boom!

If our variety of classes aren’t enough we also offer an on site fitness coach and nutritionist to push you outside your comfort zone and encourage you to continue to try new things so you get the most out of your time with Center Stage Barre.

Finally, you can come to expect an improvement in strength, cardio, flexibility and your core after each and every class. We call that working the barre basics. Having this foundation in every class ensures you get the most out of your fit schedule at in our small group fitness classes.

There’s no repeats and no do overs at Center Stage Barre. Results start here and they start right now.