This is the Remix: Experience a Cardio Class Like None Other

At Center Stage Barre our Remix Class is powered by cardio sequencing. Say what? It just means in this class we like to mix things up to keep your heart pumping and muscles guessing.

We start off by infusing carefully selected cardio elements into class. Ya, it’s a carefully curated cardio class (say that sh*t three times fast). Each of these elements play off of one another to work every muscle group and add in some variation so you’re not just doing something absurd like a full range of motion squats and lunges for an hour (talk about a waste of time).

This is serious science, people. And it builds to something great. Our cardio allows you to go deeper in our smaller targeted movements — this helps you find more depth in your stretching series to deliver the results you crave through a caloric burn. Spicy!

Basically, we work you, then we work you some more, as you increase endurance and stamina — all so you can hold your waterski 30 seconds longer than you did in your previous class. #BossBitch

Our full ranges of motion also flush the body — not in a removing the thetans or toxins or whatever pseudo-science bullshit you hear. We’re talking about hydrating and lubricating muscles and joints to increase blood flow. Quicker movements also speed up your metabolism allowing you to get quicker results in our Remix class.


The final element, active recovery, also plays an important role during class (core work, holds and pulses). Active recovery allows your heart rate to level out and reset. For every round of higher intensity movements, there is a recovery and strength based exercise. A mix of high intensity and recovery exercises bring an interval training element to our class.

All of this guarantees results after each and every class so you can achieve the body you want and the energy you crave. This is the remix, and it’s only available at Center Stage.