Fit Tip: Tone Up Your Travel Game


Holiday travel is inevitable. And for everyone it can take a toll on your body. First, when you're traveling, you're eating bad, either at a terrible chain restaurant with all those GMO-filled snacks or something from a stand that sells tabloid magazines to go along with chips and sugary drinks. We're all guilty of this — even yours truly, it just happens.

Then comes the sitting, and the waiting, as that flight from Phoenix to Chicago is over an hour behind schedule and all you want to do is blurt out, "Are you kidding me, United? Take that voucher and shove it up your ass!" But you're an adult, so you hold it in and sit calmly, and try to breathe as the people at your gate marvel at your head and how it looks like it's about to explode. "Yes, it's supposed to be that red looking, thank you." But as you sit, your picture-perfect posture you've spent countless classes refining grows tired, so you start to sag then comes the full-on slouch, and before you know it, you are angry, hunched over and filled with chemicals from the terrible food provided by an airport kiosk. Simply put, you're the quintessential American traveler. 

So how do you avoid eating bad, sitting poorly, and losing your shit during holiday travel?

The eating part is easy. Just opt for fresh heathy options when possible and limit portions to the size of your palm. Not easy at the airport, I know. But it can be done. If you need more guidance check out our results program offered in studio and online.  

As far as long bouts of sitting during travel, you can do this simple exercise: Engage your glutes from underneath you and lift up on your core. This will automatically release tension in your hip flexors and low back while allowing you to sit up taller. When sitting with proper posture or in neutral spine you are offering more support and more ease in your body. Just keep that in mind for your 12-hour flight while some terrible movie with Will Ferrell in green tights plays in the background. 

Finally, how do you keep from exploding during the holidays? Deep breaths. Remember it is only temporary. Perhaps once you land you can even take a class at the new Center Stage where we make alignment the focal point in each and every class that carries over in real life, even during the craziness of the holidays. 

Remember, keep your core activated, the holiday sweets to a minimum, and limit your exposure to screaming children and you should be able to make it to 2018 relatively unscathed. ;)