Our Personal Touch


People always ask, "Why Center Stage? What does it offer that other studios don't?"

EAZY. It's the attention we offer to all of our clients. The personalized attention is something you don't get working out on your own or at the gym or even in those overcrowded, and overhyped, group classes.

At Center Stage, our instructors work with you to pinpoint your alignment in each and every pose during class.

To achieve precise alignment, our instructors use a combination of manual and verbal cues to get you into proper positioning. Because the burn always coincides with the learn!

Hands-on Adjustments
Sometimes we use hands-on-adjustments in class to correct blind spots you may not have caught by using the mirror or listening to the instructor's suggestions during class. We also use hands-on-adjustments to help ensure you are activating the proper muscle groups and getting to your personal edge in each and every movement.

Nothing like a little extra motivation to get that core fired up, right?

Verbal Cues
Verbal cues can work just as well at getting someone into a position. We can use our words, aimed at a student or group as a whole, to help you get into the precise position. Once you're in the right position, we then go one step further and talk you through everything you should be doing and feeling to ensure maximum impact — this leads to quicker results, cuts way down on injuries, and increases strength and support for the body.

Our instructors are trained to see all angles of your body in every pose and that's why you can see us walking around during class. It's so we can get a 360 view of you and tailor our cues, modifications and class to you along the way. 

Some examples include correcting your plank (which, if done correctly, you might not see when looking down ;) and making sure your core is fully engaged in each and every exercise.

It's our J-O-B to make sure you are activating the proper muscle groups through our verbal and hands on adjustments so you get the absolute most out of your class with us!

Need another answer to "Why Center Stage?" because we have a staff of rockstars who will bring you the results you crave.