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Become a Member at Center Stage

So, you’re thinking about joining a barre studio? Well, we know the exact one for YOU! Hint, hint, it’s the one on Center Street in downtown Royal Oak, you know, the one with the smiliest teachers 😁, the stickiest socks and the softest carpeted floor.

Whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned pro, the talented instructors at Center Stage will work tirelessly to help you grow 🌱.

There are a million and five reasons to become a member at Center Stage, a place where we’re going to work you to the core by rocking your core (along with your glutes, back, arms, legs and whatever else we strengthen). It’s just what we do.

But rather than list off allllll the reasons to join, here are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Member at Center Stage Barre Studio.

We Actually Give a F
Yep, we give lots of Fs. That’s because we’re all about being Fun, Fierce and building a strong Foundation. We just want to offer up the most complete workout available all while building the necessary foundation so you can be your strongest for life. It all starts with our alignment-based method (See our Alignment post) that you’re going to love and utilize forever and ever in everything you do.

No Mean Girls Here
There are no Regina Georges or Gretchen Weiners up in here and you always have a seat (or squat) at our barre 💁.

Cliquey? Never.
Inclusive? You betcha.
Fierce? Always, as your pleas for mercy will only be met with another set of pulses in Neutral Spine Chair (or five). But that’s only because we want to give you the best workout money can buy.


Best Deal In Town
Your first month is only $100. Is $100 worth a stronger body and a sharper mind? (thinks it over for .02 seconds). Yeah, we thought so. When you become a member you also get (ten percent) off on all of our fresh to death merchandise, like our exclusive leggings and this totally sick tank.


Unlimited Barre
Ummmmmm, did someone say unlimited barre? Yes, please! When you become a member at Center Stage barre studio you can go to as many barre classes as you want.

(It’s best to imagine the next four lines sung to Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools.”)

Wake up: Barre.
Middle of the day: Barre.
Before bed: Barre.
Dream: Barre.

If you have an insatiable appetite to get the best workout in Southeast Michigan and from the best instructors, then you’ll want to join Center Stage.

Train with the Best & Be Your Best 💯
Nuff said. ✌️️

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