New Student, Lots of Thoughts

So, you’re new to barre and there are probably 5 million thoughts going on in your head right now. We get it, we’ve been in your shoes (or should we say sticky socks) when we started off, too. But just to show that you’re not some type of weirdo (BTW, we love weirdos), we went ahead and pointed out all of the thoughts and worries new students tend to have before, during and after their first class at Center Stage.

Thoughts before class …

“What do I even wear to this class?”

You can start with a smile and go from there. Yoga pants (but barre isn’t yoga, remember, but the pants work), leggings, capris, tanks, a light base layer, t-shirts, sweatshirts and pretty much whatever is comfortable. Anything that lets you move freely. Because we’re going to drop down low and find a way to get even lower from there. Bottom line, this is a workout facility, not a runway. But if you're still having an issue, our little store located in our lovely lobby might have some things for you to try on for size.

“I am going to be soooo bad at this, aren’t I?”

We just assume by “bad,” you mean “amazing.” Because just showing up to the barre studio is pretty amazing. It takes a lot of guts to step outside of your comfort zone and try something totally new. Like all new things, there are going to be some hiccups, but the team at Center Stage will work with you and your body to make great things happen.

“OH MY GAWD, if they play anything by the Biebs, I’m outtie, for serious."

Relax, we won’t torture you with terrible music. We’re here to help you work up a sweat, not drive you insane. And if the music isn’t working for you, just let us know. It won’t hurt our feelings, unless you criticize Britney. Nobody criticizes Britney at the barre 😉.

Thoughts during a standard 55-minute class …

“I hope she doesn’t pick the spot right next to m — (and she’s right next to me).”  

Classes get full fast, so chances are you’re going to make a new friend or a few dozen. So, smile and say hello. Chances are they’re new to barre, too, and could use a friend in the upcoming fight where we tone, tighten and even frighten 👻. But the scares turn to smiles after a while.

“This warm up is a breeze, see this wasn’t so b — (and we’re off to the races).”

We’ll ease you into class with a brief warmup then immediately step on the accelerator. It’s all about the high intensity and high interval training to get the blood flowing. Cardio is king at Center Stage!

“Wheeeeeeew, looks like that pose is o— (oh, shit, you want us to f%ck!ng do it again?)”  

Never assume you’re going to be done with an exercise. Everything has two sides and we reserve the right to repeat :) Our instructors can sense complacency and will kick things into overdrive at the drop of a hat.

“We’re adding weights now! WTF? Buy they are only two pounds. I can totally do this.”

Hell ya we’re adding weights. Why do you think everyone is so jacked and toned up in here? Don’t worry, you’ll get there very soon. But if you think two pounds are easy lifting, you’d better think again, especially once you hit your 100th rep. And if you want to ditch the weights, it’s totally cool. You arms may feel heavy enough on their own.

“I’m done pulsing. I’ve had it up to here with pulsing! Fine, I’ll pulse. (Two sets later). Why are we done pulsing?”

It’s only a matter of time before you become one with the pulsing. 

“Why does everything hurt?”

Because we’re working muscles in small movements in your burn zone— and we’re working smaller, supporting muscles you’ve probably never worked before. You may not be able to see them but you'll sure feel them after class. 

“I loooooove this so much. And this song is 🔥.”

Thank you. We loooove having you here, you barre star!

Thoughts after class …

“Hmmm, for some sadistic reason I want to do this all over again and and again?”

We knew you’d come around.

“How much is a membership?”

Only $100 for your first month at Center Stage. And that’s means you can take as many classes as you want a day. Pretty sweet, huh?

“Soooo, who is going to carry me to my car?”

Ummmmm, about that.