10 Barre Commandments

10 commandments 1.jpg

Our team of brilliant Center Stage archeologists just uncovered the 10 Barre Commandments on their latest dig and had to share their heavenly findings with you on this glorious day!

1.   Thou shall not confuse barre with ballet, dance, Pilates or yoga. ⚡

2.   Thou shall turn off thy cellular telephone and not bring thy technological device into the studio space itself. 📱

3.   Thou shall smile or else feel the burn of the devilish instructor’s flame. 🔥

4.   Though shall not make fun of Sam’s inability to count. 🔢

5.   Thou shall promise to “kill it” in each and every class.

6.   Thou shall NOT curse at the instructor. 😂

7.   Thou shall Steal This Hot Look 👖&👚 that is available only at Center Stage.

lightening tank.JPG

8.   Thou shall NOT covet thy neighbor’s toned physique, but appreciate their own strong selves. 

9.   Thou shall promise to give it thy all and sweat, tone and tighten.

10. Thou shall attend barre at least twice a week. ✌️️