26.2 Reasons Runners Love Barre


Why do runners, from leisurely joggers to hardcore marathoners love barre so much? Well, here are 26.2 reasons why barre is a great complementary exercise for runners. (If you make it through this laborious list, someone should be over to cover you in one of those silver, thermal marathon blankets).

1. Barre is cardio. Your ❤️ will be pumping and the blood will be flowing.

2. You’ll streeeeeeeeetch muscles in ways they’ve never stretched before.

3. Leggings > running shorts all day!

4. Get a full body workout without hammering the 💩 out of your muscles and joints. Barre is high intensity and low impact. So, there’s no pounding of the feet!


5. We’ll rock the hell out of your core and as you know, in running, it’s all about having a strong core to support your low back.

6. Barre improves foot and ankle strength, so say goodbye to the dreaded ankle roll and those times you’ve shouted out, “FU%%%%%%%%K,” as you withered on the ground in pain.

7. 🎶 Barre gets you flexible, flex-ible. Barre makes you flexible. (This works best when sung to Olivia Newton-John’s 1981 hit, “Physical”)

8. At the barre, you don’t have to worry about being attacked by a 🐻 or sprayed by a skunk 💨 while getting your cardio on.

9. We know you run for the great change of scenery. And every barre class is a unique change of pace so a whole new group of your muscles will be stimulated and surprised from one class to the next.

10. In barre runners will unlock super-secret muscles, muscles they’ve never used before like the muscles that support your ankle joints, and those hard to target muscles that support your knees and side of your hip. We also target the super hard to access deep layer of your abdominals that stabilizes your low back.

11. Barre will help alleviate tight IT bands, calves, quads and all the other tightness you’ve accumulated from running.

12. Whoa, we didn’t think you’d make it this far down this list. It’s like, c’mon, who the F is going to read 26.2 things in a blog post? Get real. But if you read this far down you can mention your devotion to Sam, the owner at Center Stage, and she’ll give you a “Free Class” coupon that you can gift to a friend or fellow runner.

13. The small movements we make in barre will lead to big strides in your next run.


14. Holy sh%t, we still have 13 or so of these to go.

running kid.gif

15. Runners get to trade in their running shoes for super comfortable sticky socks. So, that’s a nice change of pace.

16. Ummmm, you won’t bleed from the chafing in a barre class, so no need for runner’s tape. 

17. Strengthen your glutes to help give you a kick in the 🍑 when you’re starting to approach that finish line, which is still (lets out audible sigh) quite a few more items ahead.

18. Barre improves mental toughness by forcing you to focus on small, intricate movements, something runners can definitely apply to their craft.

19. A runner’s high is cool and all, but just wait until you experience the barre high, where everything starts tingling right before complete barre bliss sets in. Ahhhhhh. 😌


20. Barre will help improve your balance, making it a breeze when you’re running on uneven surfaces or when your path becomes rougher than expected.

21. You’ve made it past the 20-mile marker and without having to go to the bathroom. Well done, bladder, well done.

22. The Center Stage teachers will take you through so many highs and lows in an attempt to increase your endurance and achieve personal bests on all of your runs to come.

23. Barre is for everyone and everyone gets something out of barre – from the experienced marathoner to the casual neighborhood jogger, and it’s even for you, the one whose eyes are starting to bleed over going through this list.

24. Oh, goodness, you must be dyyyyying of thirst. Here’s a MUCH needed cup of H20 as you inch closer to the finish line.

25. Unlike this list, you will receive rapid results in barre class and notice how you feel better before, during and after your runs.

26. The finish line is in sight, now all you have to do is cross it without collapsing in total agony. “Try not to grimace so much,” you say to yourself as you spot an automated camera set up a few feet ahead.

26.2  Man alive, it’s finally, mercifully all over. You made it through this laborious list and proved you can make it through just about anything, even one of Stephanie’s ultra-insane Barre Intensity classes. Now, where's that damn thermal blanket?

runner 6.gif