Why Center Stage?

why center stage.jpg

(Hint: We Raise the Barre for Boutique Fitness)

Take a look around metro Detroit and you’ll find tons of amazing gyms, studios and other fitness centers that do a pretty damn good job helping you get into the best shape of your life.

And while all these studios (whether crammed deep inside a strip mall, bustling city center or tucked away as a cool hidden gem) are pretty great, they’re all missing one key factor, something they can never, ever duplicate:

They’re not Center Stage.

Call it swag. Call it a boast. Just don’t ever call us an easy workout 💁.

As a boutique studio (and not a giant corporation), we pride ourselves on providing individual attention during our high-intensity, low impact workout that only Center Stage can deliver.

Yoga and barre? Not at Center Stage. Barre, Pilates blend? GTFO. We specialize in barre and barre only. Our classes are super fierce, cardio-driven workouts that are designed to confuse your muscles, keeping them spry and strong every single day, so there’s never a need for multipurpose exercise up in here.

We set the standard for boutique fitness and continue to raise the barre, striving for the best possible class for all of YOU.

But one thing that will never change is our commitment to you. When you step inside our studio you’re going to feel all the feels a community studio has to offer. Our smiles are big, our merchandise (leggings, sticky socks, tanks, tees and sweatshirts) sick, our classes are tough and our instructors certainly know their stuff.

Get to know our team and then get ready to put in the work. It’s easy to get moving because our playlist is made fresh daily 🎶 (We post it on our Center Stage FB and IG feed, sooooo you should definitely follow us) so you don’t have to worry about hearing the same Calvin Harris song over-and-over-and-over-and-over again until your ears start bleeding.

Since we’ve gone to such great lengths to protect your eardrums, it’s only fitting we do the same to protect you and your joints, ligaments and muscles. That’s why our studio space has carpeted floors. It’s way easier on the joints (more on that later this week ;)), and will help keep you going strong well into your 90s (think totally ripped and strong grandparents!)

So, why Center Stage? The better question, why not? But here’s a quick recap:

1.     We’re a true boutique studio.
2.     Focused on you.
3.     Total. Body. Workout 💥.
4.     Easy on the joints (carpeted floors)
5.     Killer playlist made fresh daily 🎶.
6.     Talented and devoted team.
7.     Hours to fit your schedule.
8.     Bad-ass boutique clothing you won’t find on the shelves anywhere else 🛍️.
9.     Class is fun and keeps you smiling 😁.
10.   Tone, tighten and laugh with your barre BFFs 👭.