Center Stage Corporate


Center Stage owner Sam Strager gives her thoughts on the benefits of corporate wellness and how barre teachers get nervous, too.

A few weeks ago I taught a corporate wellness class at the Southfield Town Center. I didn’t know what to expect, and worse, I didn’t know if anyone would even show up. I mean, a noon class, right at lunch time. Would people sacrifice their Chipotle and endless smartphone scrolling just to train with me? It’s a lot to ask, so I was rightfully sweating through my leggings when I glanced at the clock and it was 12:01 and not a single soul was in sight. “I can't compete with lunch,” I said to myself. “Food will always win.” But before I could have a full-on nervous breakdown featuring a guest appearance from subtle crying 😢, a smiling angel clad in tracksuit walked through those doors, calming me immediately and letting me know everything was going to be alright. We chatted. She said she loved barre had taken it before at another local Pilates studio. I told her I’d convert her, she gave a polite laugh and then more and more Barre-dian angels (I swear, I’ll stop with the puns, maybe?) started to pour in, saving me from a class by myself.

Some, like the track-suit clad godsend had done barre before, but a majority of the corporate warriors were beginners. It didn’t matter because modifications are always offered for every level during class.

I kept the tempo brisk as I ran them through a warmup, some planks, pulses and curls finishing with a stretch. Ya, I worked ’em, but more important, they showed up and put in the work, which is a tall order during the workday. And not to brag (OK, maybe some slight bragging) they all loved the class, although it has yet to be seen if I was able to convert my friend from the Pilates studio to Center Stage.

So whether it’s a corporate wellness class or you’re dropping by the studio, the first step to the barre life is just showing up. And I am so glad these amazing people left their cubicles, traded in their slacks for leggings and put in the work. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to teach more corporate wellness courses down the road. If you would like a Center Stage instructor (like me) to stop by your place of work, shoot us a line and we can set something up. I might even bring in a healthy lunch as a reward. If I can’t see you at the barre, I will bring the barre to you!

Reasons you need to bring the Barre 2 Work:

  • We bring the barre to you! No equipment needed. Just show up and work.
  • Our rates are fair and our results are 🔥.
  • Active and healthy employees are proven to increase productivity (go ahead, look it up).
  • Barre instructors regularly teach at Google, Facebook and MySpace (hey, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad).
  • Shows you actually care about your employees and aren’t just a soulless corporate entity.
  • Because you have to atone for what happened at the company dodgeball tournament last month.
  • Because leggings are way more fun to rock than khakis or a business suit.
  • Sweat away the stress.
  • Barre > Chipotle all day (this is a universal truth).
  • This is the one barre you don’t mind your employees getting wrecked at on their lunch break.