Picture Perfect Posture: Presented by Center Stage

By now, you’ve heard about all of the benefits of taking a barre class at Center Stage.

  • Increased strength (mind & body)
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Toned physique
  • A network of barre BFFs
  • Access to the hottest clothes

But did you know barre also improves your posture? We’re elongating the heck out of your spine. All of those kinks from sitting at work all day — G-O-N-E. With a commitment to the barre craft, you’ll be standing tall & proud just like this super sassy giraffe:


Now that you’re feeling super sassy, it’s time to see why and how Center Stage barre helps you form picture perfect posture.

Proper Alignment

If you’re a Center Stage student, that means you’re no slouch. And there is definitely no slouching in class. That’s because every movement is done with purpose and that leads to big improvements across the board, especially when it comes to posture. Just take it from Ms. Sam Strager, founder of Center Stage studio.

“I’ve said it a thousand times, we’re an alignment based studio. When you do any exercise at Center Stage, you need to be doing it right. Small, controlled muscle movements make the biggest difference. Especially when it comes to your back & spine.”

Abs-olutely Taller When You Tighten

Strong abs = a stronger, straighter stance. It’s what Sam always says:

“A strong core supports your low back and keeps you supported in an upright posture for longer periods of time.”

Squatting Strengthens & Straightens

Squats aren’t done just to build strength. They’re also done to straighten, so says Sam:

“When you drop it low, and your shoulders are back, chest up, and gaze is forward, you’re doing wonders for your spine,” Sam says. “Part of a squat is strengthening your glutes, which support your pelvis, low back, and neutral posture.”

The Barre Has Your Back

You can always use the barre to help elongate the spine and find the right spot that helps you stand tall and feel supported. It’s what Sam hopes her students achieve in each and every class.

Streeeeeeeetch It Out

When class is coming to a close, there’s nothing better than getting on your mat and letting the tension just melt away. Roll to the left, bend to the right, soon your spine will start to feel alright. Encouraging length in the spine and space between each and every vertebrae during class will carry with you outside of class as well.

Barre Basics in the Real World

In every barre class you’re building muscle memory. Teaching you to sit, stand, walk and talk taller. Soon, those super complicated micro movements you make in the studio are going to find their way into your everyday activities.

Sitting posture 💯
Eating posture 💯
Driving posture 💯

All those muscles you work in class will automatically fire up and start working in the real world.

The way you hold your shoulders back during a squat is now being done when you’re sitting at the dinner table.

When you walk, your abs are firing up automatically.

This is all made possible from your practice. Stronger. LONGER. Standing tall. Picture perfect posture for all.