Get Fit Before You Get Lit

Why Brides & Birthday Girls Are Hitting Up the Hottest Barre in Town

Before a big night out on the town with your squad the first stop of the night’s gotta be at the barre. But not just any barre will do, especially the kind filled with bad music and dudes sporting gold chains and popped collars.

We’re thinking a place that brings the 🔥  and pours up the strongest shit in town. A place like Center Stage. We’re talking body-rockin’ music and the fiercest barre-tenders who know how to take a bachelorette party, birthday bash or a girls night out to a whole ’nother level.

You’ll drip sweat 💦 , you’ll burn calories, and most important, you’ll strengthen your bodies and your friendships 👭.

Nothing brings a friendship closer together than going through 60-minutes of 🍑 -kicking, intense heat that only a boutique barre like Center Stage can deliver.

Laugh. Sweat. Tone. Then go get turn’t up on the town to celebrate the occasion — whether it’s your big day, another year on earth, or just your amazing friendship.

The barre is open and ready to serve 🍸. Step it up and feel the barre burn with your BFFs.

10 Reasons to Have a Barre Bachelorette Party
Why Brides & Birthday Girls Are Hitting Up the Hottest Barre in Town
1.     Burns more calories than dancing on tables 💃.
2.    Because good health is the best 🎁 ever (that or leggings). Fine. It’s leggings then good    health.  
3.     It reinforces the old adage: Crunches & Cardio Before Chardonnay & Craft Cocktails
4.     The hangover from this barre is actually good for you. Building strength for the win!
5.     Our music is waaaay better than anything played at the club.
6.     The friends that get fit together can still get lit together.
7.      You have a special dress to wear and you gots to looking f’n 🔥 in it.
8.     Sam and the barre-tenders will serve up chamPAIN after (no, we will really serve you Champagne after your workout to toast to your big day).
9.     Because you’re a trendsetter and everyone will be super jelly that you had your party here.
10.   You’re a boutique bride and deserve the best a boutique studio has to offer.