Why Isometrics Rock Your Body

Remember that awesome Instagram video that had like 470 million views? The one where supermodel Karlie Kloss was in plank and used slow, controlled movements to pulse her right leg up just one single inch?

Of course you don’t remember that shit. Because small, controlled movements and pulses aren’t sexy and they sure as hell don’t go viral (even with supermodels).

But you know what? These small, controlled, Isometric movements we incorporate into our classes at Center Stage work (and deliver you results).

It’s all about the power of the hold to make your muscles fire like they’ve never fired before 🔥. You might be moving like a sloth in some of these poses, but it’ll feel like your muscles are being torn to shreds 💪.

These invisible movements (movements you can barely see, but definitely feel) have the biggest impact on our bodies — and at Center Stage we take pride in targeting each and every muscle group in the body, locking in on them and rocking your body like we're Nick Frickin’ Carter (yeah, it’s a Backstreet Boys reference, fight me).

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

For whatever reason, we’re programmed to believe big movements and heavy weights lead to the biggest impact on our bodies. We can blame the #gains culture while looking on with our mouths agape at those insane James Harrison videos (is he pushing a sled filled with plates? WTF!) for getting people to think they need to “Go big or go home” every damn time they step into the gym or studio to make a difference.

But you don’t need to bench press a Buick, squat the whole damn rack or do a thousand butterfly presses for your body to go through a complete metamorphosis.

You can do the dirty work ☝️ inch at a time.

Weight training and Cross Fit 🏋️ are definitely ways for people to have a lot of fun crushing calories and getting into amazing, head-turning shape. But do you really know how to activate a muscle? Let’s say you lift your right leg. Now, keep your hips aligned, abdominals engaged, shoulders drawing down and try to move your leg just an inch without breaking that alignment. It’s tough, right?


That’s because it takes amazing mind-body connection to pull off an Isometric movement. Here is Sam with a quick demo:


Plank: Bend Reach

  • Find your neutral spine plank.
  • Press back through your heels as you stretch the crown of your head forward creating length along the back body.
  • Then lift your abdominals in to that space you created
  • Now, focus, focus, focus on keeping everything constant, and bend your knees and inch and lengthen your legs an inch. Just one inch without changing your alignment or rocking your hips.
  • I hope you were breathing during this 😉 
  • Slow, controlled, even breaths.

You just witnessed the power of the hold and subtle, strength-building motion. It’s what barre is all about. Barre forces you to truly learn how to engage and isolate different muscles. It makes you work muscles you’ve never worked before — and it tires them out and makes them stronger when it’s time to do those insane feats strength like lifting, squatting or any other ING verb that makes you a social media sensation.

Simply put, barre makes you better. So stop by Center Stage to do the dirty work.

Why Little Movements Have A Huge Impact

  • Forced to engage both large and small muscles with slow, stable movements
  • Work both sides of the joint to create symmetry in the body
  • ⬆️ muscle memory
  • Strengthens mind-body connection
  • Makes you get more out of liftin’, squatin’, curlin’ and other Gram-worthy exercises because you’ve learned to hold proper form and how to engage
  • Allows you to focus on your alignment and breath
  • These small movements are tough as hell (for reals)