Results Enjoyed Daily


What do you want out of your workout?

If you answered: “To have it all” then you’ve come to the right place ✔.

At Center Stage we’re helping people just like you get stronger legs, a rock hard core, chiseled arms, toned ticeps, god-like glutes, and the firmest 🍑 in all the land.

We’re delivering results on the regular 😉.  Just step inside our studio, put in work 🔨 and you shall see (and feel) results every damn day.

Never The Same Old 💩

Every class at Center Stage is slightly different than the next (the only consistency is that every day we’re bringing the heat in our total body class). It’s our intention to work your muscles differently each time you step inside our studio space. We want to keep your muscles surprised (and you delighted) when it’s time to put in work. And if it gets too intense, take a break for a minute or two then step back into the fire.

That Feeling, Tho

If you’re not feeling sore once class is over — and we mean “sore” in a fulfilling way, not in a “holy hell, they’re trying to kill me,” kind of way — then chances are, you could take it up a notch. And if you need a bit more motivation, just ask, and we’ll be happy to you push you further than you ever thought possible — helping you get even lower in your lunges and rock another set in your seatwork.

We can also make it easier to recover from an injury, help you shed a few extra pounds, and we can even increase your cardiovascular health without ever having to step foot on the track or a soul-crushing treadmill.

Have It All 

Barre-ing at Center Stage allows you to have it all when it comes to your fitness goals. Just tell one of our friendly instructors what you’re looking for, and we can help tailor an exercise to fit your exact needs — allowing you to get the results you want.  Since we opened we’ve helped our amazing clients drop a dress size or two before their big day (wedding), transform their string bean arms into something resembling Linda Hamilton’s in “Terminator II”, and just enhance their daily life and activities. 

So ask yourself, does your current barre class have it all?