There is a Difference

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Go ahead and type “barre” into Google and a bunch of results will show up.

You’ll spot the usual places, you know, the corporate chains with the pun-tastic names like:

Barre Wars: Attack of the Cardio

Look, I’ve barre’d and went hard at these places, but there’s just something unique, something extra about Center Stage -- you know, something that sets it apart from other studios.

I know, you’re probably saying, “Of course Sam thinks her studio is superior,” followed by a super hard eye roll 🙄.

But before you shoot your eyes out of your skull, you have to know that there is a difference when you barre at Center Stage.

For starters, our classes are hard.
“That class was really fucking hard.”
OK. Our classes are kinda hard, I guess 🤷.

Our classes are also super safe, so you don't have to worry about damaging a knee, joint, hip, wrist or any other body part you don't want to pop (save for your 🍑). That’s because all of our instructors are seasoned, smart and can tailor any class to fit your exact needs.

If you’ve had an injury or are in need of a modification, we’ve got your back. Or your knees, ankle, or whatever it is that ails you. Because our alignment based barre is all about building strength to support your body, healing and preventing injury — not prolonging an injury or making it worse.

We also go heavy on the cardio (and we got 26.2 reasons marathoners love our studio). That’s because the tempo and here are always moving up, up, up.


You won’t pass out, but our classes are never a breeze. Just remember to take breaks when you need them and to always breathe.

At our studio you’ll never feel shame for taking breaks (because everyone does) — but if you need a little something more we have ankle weights and other options to help you step it up. We also have weights for your bi’s and tri’s, and our top-notch instructors will help you go deep, working those thighs.

If you still need more, we’ll rock your core at the mat, or work those glutes and hams with a strap.

Push, pull, sweat and tone — we’ve built a tight barre community, so you’ll never sweat, bend, twist or go at it alone.

There is a difference, you’ll find it on your mat
There is a difference, cuz other studios fall flat
Center Stage is your cardio happy place
Find our edge in our carpeted studio space
Our instructors are tough, Our music is fresh
Stop by Center Stage, Discover the difference for yourself.