Center Stage Presents: Barre Without Boundaries

Center Stage has totally changed the game when it comes to working out at home or on the road with our new online workouts.

If you have an internet connection and a desire to tone, tighten, strengthen and take your cardio game to the next level then you can barre anywhere you’d like with our daily livestream workouts 💻. 

Tune in and join a live class or get a one-on-one workout with one of our amazing instructors.

This isn’t like watching a BluRay or a YouTube video — you actually have a back-n-forth with our instructors. You see them. They see you. So you’re now rocking with a LIVE class, as your instructor corrects your posture and keeps you motivated throughout each class.  

Here’s how you can Barre Without Boundaries:

Tune in at the selected time then tone, tighten and strengthen as the Center Stage crew serves up the toughest barre classes seven days a week.

Times We’re LIVE
Monday- Friday
9:30 a.m. EST
5:30 p.m. EST

Saturday and Sunday
8:30 a.m. EST

To sign up for our LiveStream contact us HERE.

Here’s what you get with our online streaming
1.   Daily classes served up by up by our world renowned instructors
2.  A workout that tones, tightens, and increases strength and endurance
3.  The freedom to barre from the comfort of … well, pretty much anywhere you’d like
4.  Direct feedback (and a back-n-forth dialogue) from a Center Stage instructor to help you heighten your practice
5.  Your favorite barre trainer (YouTube can’t replicate that!)

We have also provided you with a mini 10 minute Center Stage inspired workout you can do anywhere when you are unable to come to the studio while enjoying summer travels 🌎. 

1. Parallel Squat

  - Set your feet hip width apart and sit your hips towards your heels. Including a neutral incline with your torso. 
  - Start with small pulses targeting the hamstrings, seat and thighs.
  - Option to start to step out — alternating between wide squat and narrow squat. This will layer on additional challenge as well as elevate your ❤️ rate. 


2. High Plank

  - Start with your wrists under your shoulders, crown of head stretching forward, against your heels pressing back.
  - Abdominals are lifted and muscles are hugging inward to the bone. 
  - Holding in stillness. You can always come your knees for a modification.
 - Option to start to layer on knee pulls, progressing to mountain climbers to add in the cardio element. 


3. Bridge

  - Lie on your back, knees bent, feet planted on the floor hip width apart.
  - Press into your feet lifting your hips about two fist distances off the floor.
  - Start tucking your hips engaging though your hamstrings and seat.
  - Shift your weight into one leg lifting one foot off the floor to table top position (knee bent at knee over hip). All the while maintaining level hips for single leg tucks.
  - Repeat second side.