A Really Specific Workout for Real Results

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See how Center Stage is setting the tone for niche fitness.

Center Stage Barre delivers a niche workout, as we proudly serve a very specific part of the fitness population. Right now only a small group of people even know what barre is (or even how to pronounce it), and an even smaller percentage actually take barre class on the regular.

Take a bow. You (the dedicated barre student, here is a virtual rose for your fine efforts) are part of something truly unique (way more so than yoga, due to the fact that there are like 6 million of studios just in the neighborhood!).

Barre practitioners are also amongst the smartest in the fit world because they’re part of something that hits on so many levels. Barre is life-altering, body strengthening and cardio centric. And in 10 years barre practitioners will look back, take a sip from whatever the new PBR is and smugly say, “Yeah, I was barre-ing before it was cool.”

But for the time being, people just like you can simply reap the benefits of being ahead of the curve and taking part in an exclusive fit club, Center Stage continues to find new and exciting ways to strengthen every muscle group imaginable in our ultra-intense, pulse-pounding, seat-sculpting, classes that cannot be replicated by giant, soulless corporate fitness chains (Equinox, we’re looking in your direction).

So how does Center Stage deliver the goods and hit the mark on niche fitness time and again?

  1. First, we make sure every damn class leaves your core shaking and your legs trembling. You’re not stepping out of her without feeling the difference. That’s because we’re fatiguing smaller muscles you don’t normally use in addition to larger, primary muscle groups. We’re talking the innermost part of thighs and the deepest layers of the core that leave your body wanting more. Delivering the goods to those hard to reach areas is sooooooo niche 🍑.

  2. No one is left behind! It’s easy to get lost in a big studio. But when barre at Center Stage our instructors are giving you the individual attention (and necessary motivation) to help you keep that ❤️ rate going.

  3. Since Center Stage is a small studio, it’s classes are packed with those who are there to do one thing, kick serious ass. Center Stage delivers serious results so it’s no wonder our clients our serious when it’s time to sweat up a storm 💦 🌪️.

  4. There’s a reason only the toughest people barre on a daily basis, and it’s because a barre workout will definitely challenge you in the best way possible. There aren’t any downward facing 🐶's to save you (evil laugh). It’s go, go, go, as soon as you step foot inside Center Stage. And that’s because barre is rooted in ballet with a dash dance, and as you already know, ballerinas and dancer are the toughest SOBs on earth. There’s a reason NFL dudes take ballet classes. And since you want to be as strong as a prima ballerina, you barre three to four days a week — where you get stronger (mentally and physically).

  5. Our instructors are super smart and highly experienced with a pinch of mad scientist 👩‍🔬 thrown in for good measure. That’s why all of the instructors at Center Stage are continually looking for ways to make your body shake and quake, as we work you head to toe. Creating an ever evolving class to keep your body guessing like a bad detective 🕵️‍♀️.

  6. Once you join Center Stage Barre you will see a difference. But you’ll also have a lot of fun in our 55-minute classes that never let off the accelerator. Good tunes, good people and a better workout. Our niche is fit and we’re happy to deliver it to you one class at a time 💯.

Are you ready to be part of the revolution? Then join the fiercest niche studio in the land where serious barre practitioners are more concerned about body-rockin’ results than being part of something mainstream 👯‍♂️.

(The following lines pair well when sung to Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees”)

We’ve been hustlin’ all day
Quads and cardio for days, just to say
Center Stage is the perfect place to upgrade and that’s just how we feel