No Muscle is Left Behind

Center Stage Barre- No muscle left behind

Kicks, lunges, side bends. Sculpting, toning and strengthening.

From your deltoids to your gastrocnemius (go ahead and Google it, but it’s the back of your lower leg), no muscle is left behind when it comes to barre. All of which makes barre such a great workout. Gone are the days of endlessly wandering a gym, trying to hit different stations to target different parts of the body.

Think about the time you waste going from machine to machine or struggling to get results because your routine doesn’t cover you from head to toe. Probably gets pretty frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Tighter triceps and a seat as solid as Ciara's await you with barre.

Which is exactly why Center Stagers love barre, because they want it ALL. I’m talking about building the core strength of Pilates, the cardio vascular endurance of an experienced runner and a mind that is clear as a yogi. Center Stage Barre specializes in sculpting bodies to have lean muscle through a versatile and vigorous series that gets you pumped up and sweating buckets.

In barre, every movement counts, pushing you to your limits and working smaller muscles you might not even know existed by using a periodic training system. This ups power levels and increases metabolic rates through small movements and holding postures, putting different muscle groups to work. And because there is no relaxing or resting during each movement, your heart rate accelerates and muscle fibers are pushed to another level. 

And Center Stage barre workouts isolate certain muscles, using them for constant cycles for sculpting, which can’t be found even by lifting weights. This continued movement means even smaller, often forgotten muscles have to work to maintain their position for a period of time.

Bottom line, barre brings RESULTS. 

So ask yourself, is your workout is leaving you flat? Are you results-driven, but drive away from the gym wanting more? Or you just want to experience a new challenge set to some infectious music, then Center Stage is the place for you. Try us and you’ll understand why no muscle goes untouched or unworked.