Barre Beats: Music Sets the Tone

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Every great work out needs a soundtrack, dammit 🎶. For instance, when Rocky Balboa ran up those stairs in Philly he had Bill Conti's "Gonna Fly Now" pushing him further. It undoubtedly helped him go the distance against Apollo Creed. 

That's why every time you step into our studio, we want to make it feel like you're part of your own cinematic movie montage, equipped with peaks, valleys and a crescendo so fierce you'll feel capable of running through a wall or tackling Bo Jackson head!

At Center Stage we have stadium sound that keeps thing cranked to 11, helping you give your core some more. 


Each and every Center Stage instructor carefully crafts their playlists on a daily basis (playlists made fresh daily). And you won't find any songs circa 2005 polluting our classes.

Following warmups, our song choices keep a killer pace, like Skrillex on steroids (our songs usually range between 115 to 134 BPM), helping you channel the necessary energy to push further than you ever thought possible.

And just because you're moving at a ridiculously uptempo pace, it doesn't mean you're flailing about like some uncoordinated fish on a yoga mat. Our instructors will make sure you're properly aligned. That's the difference of a beat-based alignment class. 

After a few weeks of classes, we promise your core will tighten, muscles strengthen, and your ability to move (and move properly) to the beat will be a true work of art. 

Remember: You're Rocky. You're Kevin Bacon in "Footloose." You're the best around, and no lame ass song is ever going to keep you down. It's just a matter using the music (and your own personal motivation) to release that fire.


Stop by Center Stage to experience what it's like to barre to your own beat and beyond (also, check out our Spotify @CenterStageBarre for more on our studio playlists)!