New Year, Who Dis?

The best part of the new year is you get the chance to totally reinvent yourself at the gym (or at the boutique barre studio).

Whether you want to be a chiseled barre beast or a graceful ballerina, we can make your goals a reality. This is a new year — which means it’s time for a fresh and super fierce start.

Thus far, we’ve had some of our students tell us they want to lose weight, eat better and most important, get stronger.

Ladies (and fellas too!) you’ve obviously come to the right place. Your new year results start at the barre, and they start right now.

How to get fit and stay fit
Set a goal. Something specific. And then stick to it — hold yourself accountable. If it’s getting stronger, then you might want to go with a heavier set of weights when you’re in class. If it’s eating better, than you best skip out on picking through Jellybeans with Sam after class ;)

At Center Stage, we focus on a safe low impact form of training providing, cardio, resistance, stretching and more. These elements work together to aid in weight loss, improve endurance and stamina, decrease chance of injury, boost recovery time all while maximizing your results from class.

All of these elements combined are super important in building and maintaining muscle. One myth is that cardio is the only thing needed when working on a goal of losing weight. This couldn’t be any more incorrect. Yes, cardio will aid in weight loss but too much can also burn off the muscle you’ve worked so hard to build and tone. The combination of strength training and cardio conditioning boost metabolism and increase fat burn leaving you longer, leaner and stronger.

To help you achieve these goals we use resistance training keeping tension in different muscles increasing strength and eliminating bulk. Resistance training has many benefits including strengthening your deep hard to reach core muscles and improving balance and coordination.

Let us work with you to hold you accountable.
Let us track your results.
Let us help you eat cleaner.
Let us push you further. Every. Damn. Time.
Let us help you find the New You that you want in the New Year and beyond.