Change. It. Up.

Highly unpredictable for the highly motivated

Every single class at Center Stage keeps you on your toes. Figuratively and literally. We keep your muscles guessing and your body rocking from start to finish. Our barre classes are as unpredictable as our founder Sam Strager when she's bellied up at the donut bar (or is it the donut barre?). Will Sam choose something pink, something chocolatey, or something with sprinkles? Why not all three? Because at Center Stage you can have it all — we're talking the best of cardio and strength training with a heavy dose of fun sprinkled on top for good measure. 

And our instructors keep your mind limber by changing up the pace, the exercises and the music every class. This is a huge relief, especially for those tired of hearing the same 5 Calvin Harris songs at their workout studio. 

You will also find it amazing how you can seamlessly flow from the floor to dropping it low at the barre in a matter of seconds. We keep you moving, so there's never time to get complacent in a pose. And even though we move fast, we're still giving your muscle group a proper workout. We get what needs to be done. Fast. No time to settle in — not when we have so much work to do!

We work every muscle group by hitting every angle to keep you chiseled and toned, while building crazy barre strength — without losing your lean physique.

We push you past your comfort zone within the first 10-minutes of class, keeping you from coasting like you would during a vinyasa flow. Yep. Highly unorthodox and highly unpredictable are two reasons barre is for highly motivated individuals — the kind who expect it all at their barre studio, including the damn sprinkles.