O is for Opposition


Every class at Center Stage Barre is designed to bring you optimal results, the kind you’ve been searching for well, before you discovered the joys of sticky socks and a freshly cleaned carpeted barre floor. And a lot of the credit for our barre program’s success goes with our ability to work multiple muscle groups at once. One of the ways we make this happen is through opposition training.

What is opposition?

Every one of your muscle groups has an opposing muscle groups that’s performing the opposite movement. When one muscle group contracts, the opposing muscle lengthens.

For example, when you’re doing a shitload (medical term here, people) of kickbacks, you’re rocking out your triceps. And what you’re possibly neglecting your biceps on the bend of the elbow (the other side). This is not an oppositional workout. It is more of a traditional workout, which is kewl, only focusing on one side of the move or the exertion, but not necessarily how you get optimal results because you’re neglecting half of your body. Never settle for half, especially when an optimal workout, like the kind offered at Center Stage Barre, works double the muscle groups in the same amount of time; proving that a barre workout is that much more effective at producing results. In the kickback example, if you actually resist the way in with your biceps then you're targeting both the front and back of your arms at the same time. 

At Center Stage Barre, we strive to put you in positions and sequences where you’re really working non-stop. When you’re in a low squat your legs, glutes and thighs are doing a lot of the work, yet your core is engaged. It’s like getting a 4-for-1 workout in just one pose. If you draw the shoulders down your back, engaging your core, then you’re rocking a 5-for-1 exercise.

Stay Balanced, Stay Strong, See Results

We want you to be strong, front to back creating balance in your body protecting it and preventing injury. There isn’t anything cute about muscle imbalance. Think large hamstrings and glutes but tiny quadriceps.. And muscle imbalance can lead to injury. That’s why our opposition workout series will strengthen one portion of the body and then counterbalance it by strengthening the opposition muscle. So, while you’re doing arm work you’re using your core to keep your torso stable and your low back protected to support the weight of your arms.

The Center Stage Difference

In a 50-minute class Center Stage Barre class, we promise to hit every muscle group. Working. Holding. Fatiguing. Strengthening. Lengthening. Our classes are built to give you the most efficient and effective workout and if you join the Center Stage program, you will have the potential to turn into the Leonardo da Vinci of the fitness world (da Vinci was able to draw forward with one hand while writing backward with the other, producing a mirror-image script) and through opposition your body will become a true work of art.