C is for Cardio

Outside of being chased by a blood-thirsty lion while wearing your Center Stage lion tank (the fiercest in the land, get yours now!) there aren’t too many other exercises that get the blood flowing and the heart pumping quite like THE Intensity class at Center Stage.

Go ahead, name another class where you sculpt, sweat and get a thorough heart rate spiking workout in just 50-minutes. As you rack your brain, we’ll be watching this dude with no chill fail hard on the treadmill.


Each Intensity class can be a cardio overload. It’s like being in the midst of a full sprint coupled with curls, squats, planks, bends, kicks, pivots, pulses, crunches, pliés and pretzels (not the delicious salted bread, but a type of exercise you’ll have to see to believe). If that doesn’t get your heart rate going then we’ll look for you on the Olympic podium with a gold around your neck in 2020.  

In 55-minutes of this class you’ll burn lots of calories, upwards of 700, while balancing your body, elevating your heart rate, rocking your core and sculpting every part of your body with a little help from your free weight friends.


Everyone, and we mean everyone, feels the cardio burn at Center Stage — from cardio craving runners, tri-athletes, joggers, mall walkers and people who choose the escalator over the stairs every single time (it’s all good, we can be that person at times, too).

Just know, you’re going to get a high intensity, low impact cardio burn, regardless of your fitness level, we guarantee it. And if you need further proof here are a few more reasons why runners, triathletes and just fans of an amazing workout will love Center Stage’s crazy Intensity barre class:

1.     You can get your cardio (and strength-training) fill in just 55-minutes and don’t need to hit the treadmill, pool or gym afterward

2.     The carpeted surface at Center Stage is waaaay easier on the joints than a wood floor, so we’re limiting injuries and eliminating the constant contact with a rough surface that runners are accustomed to on a daily basis

3.     Multi-tasking: Burn fat, increase your heart rate and get absolutely cut at the same time!

Are you ready?