F is for Feet

feet 2.jpg

We do a looooooot of terrible things to our feet.


Sometimes even on purpose:


I mean, I can’t even! (What are thoooooose, Al?).

But 9 out of 10 times we’re punishing our feet on accident and it all stems from having whack-ass form and improper foot alignment. (Alignment begins at your foundation and works it way up. Think chain reaction.)

Everything in our bodies is connected from head to toe through deep connective tissue called the investing 💲💲 fascia. And if you F around and don’t bother having the proper foot alignment and form it could leave your whole body feeling bankrupt and depleted AF. 


To keep your body all swell ’n swole, and your ankles and feet from swelling, your friendly Center Stage instructors actually take the time (like, we’ll pull you aside after class or make modifications through verbal or hands-on instruction) to make sure your feet on point. Literally on point, as in pointing in the right direction. The team will also yell things (in the nicest way possible) like this at you (it’s for your well-being and NOT because we love to yell):

“Is your knee bending past your toes? If so, fix it!”

“Floint your feet! It’s part point, part flex and all burn!”

“Equal energy out the toe and heel. The other way! Beautiful.”

“Keep your arches lifted!”

“Distribute the weight evenly. Stop putting so much pressure on the toe, you maniac!”

“Equal weight pinky toe and big toe mount to ensure even work along the outer and inner thigh.”


Do you know how many bones, joints and ligaments are in the foot and ankle? (You probably do, because all of our readers are super smart).

But just to be clear, there are 26 bones in the foot and ankle, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. That’s a quarter of all the bones in the human body.

And since barre is rooted in dance, and if a dancer destroys his or her feet, the curtain closes, the lights dim and their career is caput. So, you can definitely see why the Center Stage instructors, with their vast dance backgrounds, are particularly careful when it comes to caring for your feet. 👣

We’ve even taken measures to a whole new level. That’s why at Center Stage we train on the softest of carpet in town (this is an undeniable scientific fact) while wearing our stickiest of socks.

The soft carpet and sticky socks paired with proper foundation and alignment limits all the pounding on your feet and ankles and all the bones, joints and ligaments. This also ensures the arches of your feet, which are critical to shock absorption and the transmission of force during walking and running, don’t collapse like a poorly-built bridge (here is a sad bridge for the ruin porn voyeur).


Barre is a lifelong activity (a challenging activity, but nonetheless a lifelong activity) and to ensure you can keep doing this muscle toning, booty kicking, core hardening exercise well into your 90s, then you gots ta, gots ta keep your feet in tip-top shape.