G is for Growth

When new students try barre for the first time it’s pretty much a guarantee that they will flop, misstep, fall, sweat and swear (a lot). But the other guarantee is that they will get better.

That’s because our practice will always help you grow.

You may not notice it from one class to the next, because these are slow, subtle changes, but that’re doing wonders for your body.

By committing to the craft of barre we guarantee you’ll see physical improvements, but more important, start to feel more vibrant, energetic and clear headed.

Every time you step into a Center Stage class you’re moving in new ways, creating muscle memory all while your brain learns the amount of effort to exert in a movement.

You will get bendier, stretchier, stronger, more flexible and a whole lot sillier (that stems from the newfound self-confidence you’ll develop as your practice grows).

Those Instagram Transformation photos are not complete BS.


You will grow and the Center Stage instructors will get you there.

If a particular exercise isn’t working for you and your body, just let your instructor know and we can modify some cues to make it the best class possible for you.

Our instructors are also growing. They’re elevating their classes on their own and by training with some of the best master trainers outside of Center Stage to bring you the best possible class.


“I’m a barre class master and have nothing else to learn or do,” said no one EVER.

There’s always room to grow in a barre class you can always get deeper, push a bit further, learn to get into positions faster and make other refinements to your body and mind.

So, let’s all grow together — mind and body. The first step is joining the ever-growing Center Stage community. See you at the barre!