D is for Dance

There isn’t a better feeling when your song comes on and your legs start shaking, your arms start flailing and then you just belt out the words and go running to the dance floor like a carefree hot mess. There’s just something soooooo freeing about that experience. And we want you to feel this way each and every time you visit Center Stage.

Barre and dance have a pretty serious relationship, but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious about dance to rock the barre world. There’s no need to be Beyoncè or Baryshnikov or pull of some Prima Ballerina ish up in here. That’s because barre is not ballet — and it’s not contemporary, it’s not classical, it’s not hip hop or any of that other jazz (and barre is not definitely not jazz). Barre is its own wonderful unique beast, blending all different types of fitness styles choreographed together so you can tone, tighten and dance to your own unique beat. Some of our best students find the options that work for them, as they sculpt and shape and pack on some serious muscle one 55-minute class at a time.

Yes, barre is founded by dancers and all of our teachers have extensive dance backgrounds and you can even see some perform and teach at some of the country’s premier dance studios, but the entire Center Stage team wants you all to know that BARRE IS FOR EVERYONE! (sorry for shouting) And that includes the Elaine’s of the world. 


Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or more comfortable as a wall flower, the teachers at Center Stage will work tirelessly giving you options and modifications while pushing you to your limits as you find your groove to create your very own masterpiece (an extremely cut masterpiece, like Michelangelo’s David, but with an 8-pack and super-shredded arms!).

One of the best parts about dance and barre is that it’s always evolving. And our students are the catalysts of this revolution. To be part of it, all you have to do is let loose and throw aside any preconceived notions when you join your friends at Center Stage. 💃