H is for Hustle

H is for High Intensity, Heat, Hustle, Hell & Heaven

Welcome to the 5 Hs of barre.

We hustle, we bring the heat 🔥 and we take you through hell for a heavenly result as part of high intensity, low impact workout. (You can catch a High Intensity class any day at Center Stage).

Step in our studio space and you know you’re going to hustle. That means putting in the work to get the necessary results.

You don’t get 8-pack abs, glutes of steel, and shirt-shredding biceps without hustling like you never hustled before. So, when Sam yells out, “one more set,” take a deep breath, smile through the pain and know you’re getting stronger with each and every rep.

All of our dedicated teachers keep the tempo going from start to finish. It’s all about building heat one interval and rep at a time — so don’t be surprised when your thighs feel lit ⚡AF halfway through thigh work (this is a good thing and there is no need to see a doctor).

What exactly does a high intensity, low impact workout mean? It means you’re about to embark on a rigorous, 55-minute, body-changing journey where we build muscle, sculpt your body to look like a Greek God or Goddess, elevate your heart rate to a level even a runner would appreciate, and we do all of this while going easy on the joints.

Forget the constant thud, thud, thud, of slamming your extremities onto a hard surface. At Center Stage, we bring the pain, but we’re consciously focused on preserving your knees so you can practice well into your 90s. Muscle-bound grandparents FTW! 🎵

In our high intensity barre class, things get, well, intense. So, don’t sweat it. Take a deep breath, wipe your brow and go a little deeper.