E is for Express


We know you have places to be and people to see, and that’s why we’ve created an Express Lane 🛒 for the barre world. 

We’re talking a class that’ll leave you feeling as beautiful and graceful as Belle, as strong as the Beast and will get you out in just a few clicks on Cogsworth’s dial. (Sorry, but Beauty and the Beast has us all pumped up like Gaston!).


You best believe you’ll tone, you’ll tighten, you’ll ache and you’ll cry, but you won’t make any small talk, because this class is all about getting down to business.

As soon as you step your sticky sock-clad foot into the studio, it’s just a matter of seconds before Center Stage founder Sam Strager or one of her instructors kick things into overdrive.

The music is blasting, your legs are shaking and your heart is pumping out of control and Sam is shouting (in the politest way possible 😂) that it’s time to add “full range” short for full range of motion (aka cardio) to the mix.

“Is she serious?” Damn right she is, and things are only going to amp up from there. Welcome to Express, friends. It’s 45-minutes (we shaved 10-minutes off our normal class, but that makes a huge difference) but we’ve packed 90-minutes worth of intensity up in here!

We’ve doubled the reps, doubled the interval training through all the peaks and even higher peaks — and it’s all done to leave you doubly impressed on how hard a barre class can kick your a**.

You will be worked head to toe and you will leave with Jell-0 arms and wobbly legs, but we guarantee you will be back (because you will absolutely love it). So, we’ll keep a spot for you open every Monday and Wednesday at 6:40 p.m (and look out for more times coming soon). So please, be our guest, be our guest, be our guest and register now!