J is for Joints

In the 1500s, Ponce de León and a bunch of other explorer dudes in oversized hats and puffy shirts went sailing in search of the fountain of youth 🌎. They searched high and dry, but somehow they completely overlooked at the age-defying ish going down at 405 S Center St, Royal Oak, MI 48067 (yeah, that’s Center Stage’s address). 

Yes, this is an overly convoluted way to say that Center Stage workouts are essentially like the fountain of youth ⛲ (except you don’t drink or bathe in it, you get this mythical advantage through hard work and by not destroying your body). Why? Because you can be a barre beast well into your 90s thanks to our super mindful instructors who have tailored a workout at the best boutique barre studio around that:

Increases cardiovascular health ✔️
Builds muscle ✔️
Tones ✔️
Leaves you feeling sore (but in a good way) ✔️
Stretches the head, neck and spine ✔️
Tightens & strengthens the core ✔️
Improves balance ✔️
Makes you look graceful AF ✔️
Increases flexibility ✔️
And leaves you smiling (& sweating) all class long ✔️✔️

At Center Stage we preach small, controlled and mindful movements in our alignment-based  classes. This is done to reduce pressure and increase support on all the things that matter, like your joints, ligaments and spine.

If you finish a workout and have to place your weak and weary in a giant tub of ice then you’re doing it wrong (you’re not in the NFL). When you work out at Center Stage you’re going to get that intense burn, but it’s not going to linger or leave you debilitated for the long term.

We’re working muscles you’ve never worked before and having you lunge longer and deeper than you’ve ever lunged before. But at Center Stage we’re in the business of building (muscle, strength, flexibility and how you feel), not tearing you down.

If you’re coming off of a serious injury, the barre can be your BFF. The actual barre will be there to have your back, helping you to go deeper, push further and to find your edge without bankrupting your body. Now, if only Ponce de León and company knew about our ligament-saving, youth-exuding exercise. 🤔