K is for Kick

Cardio. Strength. Stretch. All in one.

You don’t have to be a Rockette, a Street Fighter character or a professional dancer to kick the moon right in it's face 🌛. (Take that, moon!).

All you have to do is take hold of the barre, root your right foot into the carpeted Center Stage floor and then elevate your left leg. Feel that kick? Feel the stretch? Feel those muscles elongate? And now do you feel your feet touching down on the surface of the moon like a real Neil Armstrong? What an amazing interstellar stretch you got going! Houston, we just discovered a barre star!

This is yet another reason why the barre is your BFF. The barre lets you kick and stretch like you’ve never kicked and stretched before. And with enough practice, your feet will go further than any foot has gone before, expanding galaxies, and traveling through space and time, defying conventional physics and metaphysics and laws of gravity and the whole nine yards, and eventually your pointed feet will breach the solar system and come into contact with alien life who will absolutely love all of the earthly offerings of barre.


Tis a wonderful feeling to discover new life, and give yourself the invigorate new life you’ll experience every single time you show up at Center Stage with your fellow astronauts 🚀.

A Kick at the Barre get the blood flowing and heart pumping — working the hamstrings, glutes, quads, while actively stretching at the same time. 

Once you’re nice and loose it’s time to incorporate an out-of-this-world exercise, where your legs extend, kick and lunge deeper and deeper, until they’re in a whole new dimension where everything is 2-D, but your legs feel (and look) amazing.

So stop by Center Stage just for kicks 👊. And maybe get a little kick in the 🍑 too! 😜