I is for Intensity (Interval Training)

(Cue the music for Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” 🎶)

Her core is steady, knees wobbly, weights are heavy
There's sweat on her leggings already, Sam’s Intensity
Class straight whoopin’ your ass
Center Stage, downtown Royal Oak, we’re havin’ a blast
The music’s pumpin’, 55-minutes, the core’s eruptin’
Gotta show somethin’, mouth is open, breath is flowin’
Sam is jokin’, but class is almost over
Oh no, time’s up, over blaow!
Snap back to reality, Sam’s Intensity
Eat something nutritious,
Maybe mom’s spaghetti? 🍝

If Center Stage instructors were battle rappers, they’d be the ones with the fastest, sickest verses. The stuff that gets the heart pumping, the body moving and stays with you for the rest of the day like a good song.

Our high intensity interval training will take your body on a journey — increasing range of motion and tempo and then dropping it back down without warning. It might seem cruel and unusual, but you will love the results of intense interval training that only a Center Stage Intensity class can deliver.

As soon as you step in you’ll be busting your seat from start to finish, getting your 🕑 and $$$ worth. Pick up some weights, find your barre spot and go to work.

We set the tone with a warmup followed by arm work that incorporates wide, deep v's and squats in an aerobic fashion. A 3-for-1 exercise that tones the arms, sets your thighs on fire, and elevates your heart rate.

You’ll have a moment to reset when you transition to the barre (you know, the big piece of wood), where Sam or another one of our amazing instructors builds another body-altering flow.

A few sets of squats and lunges followed by five sets of deeper squats and lunges. Then when your legs are lit, you’ll be asked to squat and lunge like you’ve never squatted or lunged before.

You can experience the joys of an ultra-intense interval training class 7-days a week at Center Stage.  See you in the studio.