L is for Lengthen

lengthen copy.jpg

Think of your muscles as a tightly wound ball of yarn. They get clumped together and knotted, they get achy, and they get even tighter when you’re sitting at work, in the car or even at the dinner table.

If you’re reading this on your phone, chances are your head and neck just aren’t right. It’s tilted. It’s craned. It’s looking down. It’s BAD. BAD. BAD.

This is just the type of everyday shit that we can’t seem to avoid, but your friends at Center Stage barre can certainly help fix. We’ve made it our J-O-B to stretch & lengthen you O-U-T. Stop by our studio to work out all of the kinks and overly contracted muscles in your head, neck, spine, legs, quads, glutes, and back.

Here’s how we fix all that:


Yup. We’re gonna start things off by breaking you of some of your bad habits. Not like smoking or calling your ex at 3 a.m. kind of bad habits, but the ones we just naturally pick up and that impact our posture and mechanics. Sam and Co. start off with some serious alignment drills. We’re making sure every part of your body is properly aligned, so that you have perfect form in class and that you can carry with you outside of class. Our little formula can help with all that, too.

Active Lengthening + Strengthening = Success

We stress, stress, stress, active lengthening while strengthening, and we’re doing it from head to toe. In most cases it means pointing your feet or lengthening behind the back of the knee. At Center Stage we strengthen while we lengthen. Here are two examples of lengthening + strengthening in motion:

  • When you bend your knees, you’re strengthening your hamstrings and giving your quads a good stretch when you sitting into your heels.

  • And when you work into your glutes/seatwork, you’re tightening your glutes and hamstrings and opening up your quads and hip flexors.

The Big Stretch

After all of that work it’s heavenly to finish things off with a good stretch. We’ll stretch you out at the barre, standing up, and on the floor. Rotating and flexing your spine, opening the hamstrings, shoulders and whatever else ails you. This will replenish your body after class, leaving you ready to stand taller than ever before in the real world.