M is for Mighty Men


Look I’ve been doing barre my whole life. Yes, I pretty much went from the womb and straight into seatwork (this is indisputable and I will not provide photographic evidence). And over the course of my career as a barre instructor I’ve seen more and more men step into the barre studio.

Some stop in by accident and have absolutely no clue what barre is all about. “Soooo is this a crossfit? gym” they’ll ask. It’s so fucking adorable. Once they get past the heartbreaking fact that we’re not going to be doing burpees until their stomachs turn inside out they’re usually hooked.

“This is a lot of fun,” they’ll say before buying a year’s worth of sticky socks and a year-long membership.

Others get dragged her by their significant other. “She made me do this,” they’ll say under their breath during their first week. But by week the third week they’re showing up here without their lady friend. “She’s uh, gotta work, so you know. Barre on.”

Barre is not just for women, although it is still about a 70-30 split, but as I said above, the numbers are changing. And while it takes a tremendous amount of confidence to step into the studio (clad in leggings or not) and rock the hell out of your body in a predominantly female class, it doesn’t take a University of Michigan graduate to figure out that barre is a great workout for anybody and every body type.

I mean, even that Austrian dude who made a whole bunch of bro-dude movies and governed an entire state is an obvious advocate of the barre — and he won like 46-straight Mr. Universe titles and killed the Predator in a jungle (this really happened, look it up).


And just in case you’re a dude and still on the fence of stepping into Royal Oak’s only boutique barre studio for an ass-kicking workout, I’ve concocted a list of the 10 types of dudes you’ll find in the barre studio. Chances are, you’re one of these dudes, and you’ll discover the barre will do your body good.

1. The Accidental 👨 — This is the dude who shows up thinking it’s a crossfit gym and ends up falling in love with barre after realizing he doesn’t have to do 2,000 burpees to get a good strength and cardio workout.

2. The Dragged Here by the Girlfriend 👨 — Yes, this dude gets dragged her by his girlfriend. And within three classes he’s the dude who is showing up at the studio by himself four days a week. He’s now a barre fly.

3. The Dancer 👨 — Dancer dudes have a classic dance background and use barre to take their stage game up another notch — dancer dudes move better than everyone, and they’ll let you know it, too.

4. The Yoga 👨 — These zen-like dudes sure know their way around the studio (and they’ll let you know it). But what they’re quick to find out is barre works muscles that not even yoga can touch. Just ask Kyle Martin Duda. 

5. The Weightlifting 👨 — If barre is good enough for the former governor of California, it’s good enough for the dudes pushing plates at Powerhouse. Ask any beefy dude and they’ll tell you barre helps their muscles lengthen and strengthen so their deadlift is on point the next day.

6. The Mom Bought Me a Special 👨 — Yeah, we get this dude here every once in awhile. These dudes are cool and all, but for god’s sake, take off your Crocs before rolling in the studio!

7. The Average 👨 —When you take barre you transform from Joe Off the Street into Joe the Barre Beast. Stop by the studio to see how Center Stage can turn the average dude into a savage dude.

8. The Uber Fit 👨 — We get it you’re simply amazing — you can outswim Phelps, dunk on MJ, and of course your low lunges are the lowest we’ve ever seen before. This fine specimen of dude are some of the biggest advocates of barre — which is why they’re so amazing (and will tell you all about it).

9. The Runner 👨 — When cardio is life you gotta get your barre fix. That’s why it’s so common to spot runners, sprinters, joggers getting that C02 high at Center Stage barre studio. Barre does wonder for runners (dudes and women) and you can read all about it here.

10. The Barre is Life 👨 — This kind of dude is a rare breed. Barre is life. He wears sticky socks to business meetings! I mean, who does that? Of course, the world needs more barre dudes, and we have a feeling once you try a few classes you’ll become that dude.