N is for Nutrition Enthusiasts

Don’t be like Sam. Sam likes M&Ms and froyo.

Be like Sam’s nutrition-loving friend, Sari, whose is also known as Eat Well Detroit 🍉 around town. She is a consumer and creator all things wellness and nutrition! She is studying to become a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and loves sharing healthy doses of goodness on a daily basis to her friends at Center Stage Barre.

Sari is also a healthy baker. You won’t believe some of her stuff is vegan and gluten free! When it comes to her baked goods, she sticks to the good stuff. Good quality and good for you ingredients! Check out some of her goodies on @eatwelldetroit.

Here are some of her top foods that’ll help you kick things into high gear when it’s time to barre hard:

1. Nut Butter
2. Avocados
3. Sprouted Grains

7 Questions with Sari
We also sat down with Sari to get her take on what athletes and barre beasts need on a daily basis to stay super strong.

How do you make your food taste good and be good for you?

My pet peeve is when people think eating healthy is a bowl of steamed flavorless greens that little kids feed to their dogs on 90s sitcoms. That is not true.  Real food tastes good. Use flavor enhancing oils (like olive oil or avocado oil) and don’t be afraid to use spice. You can bring out the flavor in whole veggies, grains and good quality protein so easily! Just give it a try.

What should someone be eating if barre-ing three to five times a week?

Foods that sustain you. Including health fats, quality protein and greens. Don’t skip meals or wait until you are starving to eat. When you work the muscles to the point of tire, they will be screaming for energy soon after. Snack after a workout even if you aren’t hungry right away.

What're some foods and ingredients that athletes should look to stay away from?

I prefer not to tell people what to eat or not to eat in a black and white format. I do not want anyone to feel restricted and create a negative relationship with food.  My goal is to encourage others to start to truly listen to their bodies and understand what is making them feel energized and satiated. By slowing adding “good” food into their diets, they will naturally find they feel better. To me, that mental shift is an amazing start to a healthy lifestyle adjustment. From there, we can really start to make good food habits form.

Are super foods a really a thing?

Yes, there are some amazing foods that have profound nutritional benefits in small amounts – aka superfoods. Things like chia seeds and bee pollen. A lot of things are very ‘buzz worthy’ so be careful of marketing and trendy items. Read ingredients and do your research. Most importantly, if chia seeds don’t digest well in your system or you don’t like them then don’t eat them! Listen to what works for you.

How do you feel about supplements?

I think supplements can be incredibly helpful for people. I would suggest to anyone who is considering taking supplements to get blood work done or speak to a medical professional about where their deficiencies lie and what things they could benefit from. There is no reason to take something just for the sake of it.

Where can I buy your meal plans?

Email me at eatwellwithsari@gmail.com and I would love to discuss a personalized plan! Everyone is different. There is no one size fits all with food.

Bonus question

How can we get Sam to stop eating so bad? I mean, she's licking the inside of a Cool Ranch Doritos bag at this very moment. 

Invite her over for a plant based meal at my house! 

Check out her new blog HERE