Our results driven barre classes offer you more than the traditional barre burn. You'll sweat, strengthen and see (and feel) the Center Stage difference after each and every class. 

Modifications are built into every workout, so whether you are a beginner or a well-conditioned athlete looking to take your fitness to the next level, there is an option for you. 



Keep your muscles guessing (and never stop working them!) in this 50 minute cardio-heavy class that takes elements of dance, Pilates and functional fitness training to a whole new level. Our goal? To fatigue every muscle in the body. How do we do it? With a combination of large and small ranges of motion used to tone your body and elevate the heart rate (that’s the cardio). This class also rocks upper and lower body combos for maximum results. This total body workout leaves you feeling both mentally strong and physically accomplished. Take a bow.



We’ve redefined the way you fatigue, sculpt, tone, tighten, strengthen and lengthen. Experience the Center Stage difference with our spin on the traditional barre class where we offer small ranges of motion designed to reshape, refine and elongate every muscle from head to toe. This 50 minute class also incorporates more core work than the other formats and offers an additional stretching series eliminating bulk and giving you the body you always wanted.



Rebound is a class for those who’re looking for that edge. Quick transitions, refined cueing and enhanced props make for a physically demanding, mentally trying workout that's only for advanced students (we require at least 10 Center Stage Barre classes before you can register for this one). Grab a spring, block and ankle weight to get started, and prepare to feel the fire for 50-minutes. 



(Ass & Abs)
This is the ultimate ass class where you’ll activate those hard to reach muscles to give your seat an extra lift. Strengthen your seat and crush your core in this one of a kind class that gives you more. 


*Exclusive to Center Stage® Barre