Our results driven barre classes offer you more than the traditional barre burn. You'll sparkle (sweat), strengthen and see (and feel) the Center Stage difference after each and every class. 

All of our classes are designed for any and all fitness levels. Modifications are always provided and encouraged to make class challenging but safe for EVERYONE.

Movement is layered on after form and alignment are established to increase intensity for the entire body. 



Intensity is a 55 minute class that combines attributes of Pilates, dance and functional fitness training. We incorporate small isolated movement to fatigue every muscle in the body, large range motion to elevate the heart rate, and sequencing that incorporates upper and lower body to make every minute count and maximize your results. This total body workout that leaves you feeling both mentally strong and physically accomplished.



This class is a 45 minute version of our Intensity class. We are here to step it up. In this class we increase the intensity to maximize the 45 minutes. 



If you are looking for the barre burn this is the class for you. This class is our spin on your "traditional" barre class offering small ranges of motion designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone every muscle head to toe. This class also incorporates more core work than the other formats as well as offering additional stretching series.