Loved Refine. Such a great intro class and a beautiful studio! Looking forward to getting back into barre at Center Stage!
— Toni S.
Love it! If you’re new to Barre this is not intimidating, and the classes are clear and easy to follow - and if you’ve been doing it forever this feels new and there’s always a way to step up your practice. I appreciate that there’s always a modification to change the intensity of a given move, depending on my own limits or goals. And of course, the instructors are great - I always look forward to going back. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful fitness relationship.
— Brittany W.
I was new to barre before coming here and instantly fell in love. This studio is amazing and I love taking the classes from any of the instructors!
— Emily M.
Loved everything about this place! Great atmosphere, friendly staff, and the music was on point during class! Definitely recommend!! I will be back!
— Hannah G.
Walked into Center Stage and was wowed! The interior is really nice and the location is great!!! Very friendly and qualified staff. Take a class you won’t be disappointed. Great addition to the community.
— Lisa D.
Center Stage barre classes are a great workout especially if you want to tone your glutes, legs, and abdomen. It’s a really tough class but one of the few workout places that I am consistently willing to attend. The 55 minute intensity classes fly by. The owner Sam has designed these classes to be aerobic and full body workouts. The studio is very clean and there are these amazing fans going during the workout that helps you keep cool. The instructors are willing to modify workouts if you have limitations and don’t push you beyond your limits. They push you to workout hard without injury. I have knee and back issues so I love that this is a non impact workout.
— Angela D.

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